Month: August 2018

You’re Not a Whole Person So Stop Trying to Be One

There are different parts of your personality.

We’ve all had the experience of working against ourselves. This is parts psychology in action.

• A part of me wants to live in the country and a part of me wants to live in the city.

• I’m torn. Part of me wants to seek revenge, but that’s not a good idea, I know!

• It’s like a hungry monster comes out at night and eats the entire kitchen!


You know what it’s like to feel divided. And you certainly know that critical voice inside your head that predicts failure and mayhem in your life. That’s your inner critic part.

Having parts is not a problem. It’s just what we are.

The Real Problem

The problem with having parts is believing that you don’t. When a part of you acts up, you get frustrated and annoyed or throw your hands in the air.

• Why do I think like this?

• I can’t stop this damn voice in my head!

• I wish this crap would just go away.

You want to believe that the nasty thoughts in your head and those negative feelings are foreign. You act as if they don’t belong in your mind and body. But, they do. They come from various parts of your personality that (weird as it sounds) think and feel differently than you do.

When you believe parts of you shouldn’t be there, you will never be in a position to heal those parts. More than anything, that’s what you need. Healing.

Parts. So what?

Good question. There would be less reason to believe you have different parts of yourself if believing so didn’t yield healing opportunities.

The oddest thing about the parts model is that you can communicate with your parts. And they communicate with you in return, as if the messages were coming from the ether. It’s a strange trip for someone who isn’t familiar with this kind of inner work.

If you can get your mind around communicating with your parts, you can heal. Where communication is possible, sharing of burdens and recovery of the self is possible. And you simply must experience it to believe.