Month: July 2019

5 Big Reasons Talking to Someone about your Problems Helps (Always)

Got a problem? Talk to someone. It helps – always. Maybe because so many of us were raised by families who didn’t love us. Or maybe because it just works!

Unless you’re confessing a crime you didn’t commit to the police. Then, it might backfire. Or if you talking to someone about a problem and that person spits it back in your face. But you already know who these people are, right?

But under normal circumstances, conversation healsĀ when you talk to someone trustworthy.

Why? How?

Why talking to someone about your problems works so well.

1. You’ll get a different perspective, even if that new perspective comes as a realization from within yourself. Talking about your problems sets your mind in motion.

2. You’ll stop feeling alone. Part of the emotional burden that comes with problems is that you feel isolated and alone in them. When you talk to someone, you are officially no longer alone. A burden shared. You’ll feel more whole, even though being whole is not the best goalšŸ™‚

3. If you talk to someone that doesn’t judge, you might stop judging yourself. You’ll learn something – that it is possible to be seen as a decent human being and still have this problem. And when you stop judging yourself, most of the burden could lift. No additional effort required!

4. When you talk to someone about your problems, you release pent-upĀ feelings that have been pinging around in your mind and body, causing stress and inner chaos. Get them out.

5. It’s humbling. When you admit a personal struggle, you’re aligning with the fact that you’re not perfect. And if there is one thing you should stop trying to be, it’s perfect! Winners in life are character-oriented people, not perfect people.

What are you waiting for?

You’ve got problems. Start talking.